How to Eliminate Odours at Home

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September 7, 2017
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How to Eliminate Odours at Home

Do it yourself: How to make your home smell nice and clean

Your home is your sanctuary, and the last thing you want is when you come home to be greeted with strange smells that make the feeling uncomfortable. Candles, air fresheners and sprays can improve the situation, but if the smell is long and persistent, this will only eliminate the smell temporarily.
So how do you deal with the strongest odours so your home smells nice and clean? Here are some ideas how you can do it yourself and make your home pure and healthy environment.

Clean the Trash Bin

The most obvious culprit here? The trash bin. If you can still sense the smell even after you throw away the garbage, what you need to do first is to wash the bin thoroughly with hot water, brush and disinfectant spray. To prevent future odours, put a bag of baking soda or cat litter bag at the bottom of the basket. If the smell and then does not disappear, check the sink channel and the pipes.

Eliminate Urine Odour

How do you remove urine odours depends on the source of the smell first – does it come from the bathroom, or is it because of your pet’s accident on the carpet or furniture? If it’s out of the toilet, what you can do is wash thoroughly the toilet bowl itself and around it (do not forget the lid and the place around the hinges). Make a lemon juice and baking soda paste and rub all the hidden places as deep as possible.

As for the carpet and upholstery, most websites agree that you will probably see good results with a disinfectant detergent to remove stains and bacteria. A steam cleaner will also help with coping, as well as baking soda sprinkled on the stain. Leave overnight, then use the vacuum cleaner. Avoid the use of bleaching agents. We do recommend professional carpet or upholstery cleaning which is the most powerful and efficient method of cleaning your favourite items from stains, unpleasant odours and disinfecting in depth from bacteria and germs

The smell of fish

It is well-known fact that the smell of fish after you cook lasts for a long time. To get rid of it……make a tea. Combine ginger, cloves, cinnamon and water and let it boil, then simmer for 15 minutes or until the smell is gone.


Mould smell

If you feel the smell of mould, first find out where it comes from. When it’s from a cupboard, wipe with white vinegar. And if it’s from clothes or textiles, put a glass of white vinegar in the washing machine and wash. Then let it air dry.



Smoke odour

You can eliminate the persistent smell of smoke by using dryer sheets. Put them everywhere – in a drawer, a gym, a cupboard. It is also an option to put baking soda, which is alkaline and will absorb the smell. However, if the smoke is drenched in the walls, you should consider a new paint.


Body Odours

For body odours and any other odours you cannot identify, there are a few things you can try. Baking soda can remove it from upholstered furniture and carpets – just sprinkle and leave overnight. It is an option to wipe objects with vinegar or leave them in the sun. Coffee beans are also a universal deodorant – just leave it in several places where you feel the smell.


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