Cleaning Stevenage

You may wonder why professional cleaning in Stevenage is needed. Even though you maintain your apartment or house on a regular basis still there are areas that you do not clean each week. Actually, dust and dirt tend to accumulate deep in the surfaces, hard to reach areas like corners, behind, beneath furniture and appliances and of course, carpets and upholstered items. And all that reflects the quality air flow in the property.

As a professional company with experience in Stevenage, Royal Cleaners know how important for your health is to keep your living space dust-free, clean and sanitised. You are just one call away from a perfectly clean home, contact us for cleaning Stevenage today on 020 3637 8979

Great Benefits from Choosing Royal Cleaners Stevenage

  • Competitive prices
  • Big variety of detailed professional cleaning services in Stevenage directly at your home
  • Flexible working schedule 7 days a week
  • Employment of the latest proficient equipment and top quality cleaning materials
  • Free quotes and outstanding offers

With the wide range of extensive cleaning services we offer - End of tenancy cleaning, Post builders clean, Spring clean, Carpet cleaning, Sofa cleaning - you can absolutely transform your property to a better environment and make it shine again. Call today Royal Cleaners Stevenage on 020 3637 8979 for your high-quality and comprehensive cleaning service at the most affordable price!

End of Tenancy Cleaning Stevenage

If it is time for you to leave your rented property and move into a new one, then you should take advantage of the thorough End of tenancy cleaning Stevenage we offer. Due to the experience and end of lease cleaning know-how we have, Royal Cleaners will complete your move out cleaning service up to perfection so you can take your full deposit back. Our professional end of tenancy cleaners are following an adhered checklist which allows them to attend each area without missing a nook.

  • Top to bottom tenancy end cleaning of the whole property ensuring your deposit back
  • High-end equipment and cleaning detergents you cannot find in the store
  • Post tenancy cleaning with a 48 hours guarantee
  • Free oven cleaning in a dip tank dissolving all the grime as part of the move in/ move out cleaning
  • 40% OFF from the upholstery and/ or carpet cleaning price with your house cleaning end of tenancy

You will get a not limited in time professional end of tenancy cleaning service inclusive of all types of professional cleaning solutions and top-notch equipment. Besides, we do guarantee your tenancy end cleaning for 48 hours with a free re-clean if the need arises.

Prices from just £198

After Builders Cleaning (post builders cleaning) Stevenage

The vast majority associate a remodelling or reconstruction of the house with a catastrophic event. Basically, the After builders cleaning is a time-consuming and complex site cleaning service. The post builders cleaning likewise require a lot of energy and skills and top quality industrial equipment and professional solutions. Also, even after the most careful wiping off all surfaces, it is basically difficult to dispose of fine dust and white streaks, tape residue and paint splatters. Working with Royal Cleaners Stevenage, you won't experience such issues with your construction cleaning!

  • Builders Cleaning Services performed with heavy-duty industry equipment and professional cleaning products
  • Skilled and experienced after builders cleaners Stevenage
  • Efficient post construction cleaning with amazing results

At last, you will just appreciate the redesign and reconstruction work and a shimmering clean home, office or a new build commercial site with the renovation cleaning we offer you in Stevenage. We can do it all!

Prices from just £22/h

Carpet Cleaning Stevenage

Stains and marks on the carpet and rugs are inevitable nowadays. Most of the people have tried to clean the spots by themselves and often treated the carpets with the wrong detergent. As a result, the carpet looks neglected and even worse than before. To avoid such issues and sanitise your carpets and rugs in Stevenage in depth all you need to do is to contact us today and Royal Cleaners will give your favourite carpets new life.

Find out why necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning company:
  • Deep and thorough carpet cleaning with the hot water extraction method
  • Competent and highly qualified carpet cleaners
  • Free pre-treatment of stains, spots and dark marks with a variety of stain removers
  • Deodorising, revitalising your carpets and extending their lifespan

The hot water extraction is the most powerful and efficient method of cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture on the market. It sanitises your carpets deep in the fabric from all the accumulated dirt, dust, bacteria, germs and even unpleasant odours. In the end of the cleaning procedure, your carpets will be almost dry and left spotless.

Min charges apply £70

One-off Spring Cleaning Stevenage

A decent deep One-off cleaning or a spring cleaning will revive and light up your home whenever of the year. Every day cleaning tasks can be endless, tedious and sometimes even exhausting. Royal Cleaners’ specialists will clean and purify everything from your kitchen cabinets and surfaces to the built-up grime and limescale in the bathroom and toilets efficiently and up to the highest standards possible.

  • Well-trained, reliable and experienced cleaners
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products and professional gear and tools
  • Personalised quotes based on your own specifications

The combination of constantly qualified cleaners and professional top-level equipment and materials is an assurance of accomplishing an extraordinary result for your any of your One off cleaning services. In this manner, you can depend on Royal Cleaners Stevenage to concentrate on the fundamental for your matters and leave all the cleaning to our expert cleaners.

Prices from just £22/h

Upholstery Cleaning Stevenage

Nowadays, clients attempt to clean their mattresses, armchairs, sofas and cushions by themselves using detergents from the store. We recommend avoiding doing it, as you may harm the upholstery! Usually, after such upholstery treatment, spots and stains appear straight away, or even worse watermarks became visible. The reason is inappropriate cleaning solutions and stain removers.

  • Take 10% OFF when booking Carpet and Upholstery cleaning above £100
  • The most efficient method on the market for deep cleaning of sofas, mattresses and chairs
  • Sanitising the upholstered items from germs, bacteria and unpleasant odours, pre-treatment and deodorising
  • Beneficial for allergy suffers

Rather than all the hassle, you better hire a professional cleaning company like Royal Cleaners Stevenage and your upholstered furniture will get back its original appearance and prolong its life. In addition, you and your family can enjoy a dust and germ-free sofa sanitised mattress and refreshed curtains and chairs.

Min charges apply £70

As a professional cleaning company in Stevenage, Royal Cleaners guarantees the highest quality of the affordable cleaning services we offer. If you still haven’t decided which service to choose, just contact us today on 020 3637 8979 and our customer support team will assist you further!