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After Builders Cleaning

Discover the benefits of choosing Royal Cleaners for top-notch After Builders Cleaning services.

Renovations and construction projects can be exciting, but the aftermath of cleaning can be a daunting task. After the construction workers have left, you will need to remove all dust, impurities, and grout. It can be a painful process to remove stubborn paint, glue, cement, or foam stains. Contact Royal Cleaners at 020 3637 8979 for a thorough and detailed post-builder cleaning, and leave all the hard work us.

  • Comprehensive and efficient After builders cleaning

  • Experienced and well-trained professional after builders cleaners

  • Site Cleaning at competitive prices

  • Innovative technologies, latest equipment and high-quality cleaning products with each post-construction cleaning

after builders cleaning

The Post Builders Cleaning in Details

renovation cleaning

With our affordable after builders cleaning prices and precise quality and competence, Royal Cleaners is undoubtedly your preferred partner not only in London but in other cities and areas outside M25. We provide thorough After Builders Cleaning of apartments, houses, (offices, industrial premises), which removes even the strongest pollution. By appointing us for this time- and energy-consuming task, you have our guarantee that the following chores will be completed:

  • During the pos-builders cleaning removing dirt and dust from all surfaces, regardless of type and size.

  • Cleaning skirting boards, railings, window sills, door and window frames.

  • Disinfection of all utilities, visible pipes and tiles in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

  • Most importantly, we will leave no traces of paint or construction dust behind at the end of the renovation cleaning.

Basically, you can modify this list as much as you wish – we want to be of as much help as possible so you can successfully complete your builders clean.

Heavy-duty industrial equipment and cleaning products used for the After Builders Cleaning

To successfully accomplish each project, we will send a team of professional cleaners who will use modern industrial equipment, latest technologies and high-quality materials that are completely harmless to people and pets alike. Our teams will have at disposal powerful vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scrapers, scrubbers, power washers, etc. Above all, Royal Cleaners ensure you the highest professional standards for any type of post-renovation and post construction cleaning of your property.

Reliable After Builders Cleaners

In the first place, all of our after builders cleaners have completed numerous educational courses. Their knowledge, combined with their year-long experience is a guarantee for the extraordinary results that we promise.

The post-building cleaning is an hourly rate service and according to the size and state of the premises, we can provide you with an estimated duration. In the case of, the after builders cleaners complete the cleaning service prior the agreed time or they will need an additional time, we will be happy to amend the price accordingly. Just have in mind that minimum charges apply for booking a new build cleaning.

  • Free quotes as well as free surveys for larger and commercial properties

  • Bringing the property up to a clean and dust-free environment, ready to move in

  • Flexible working hours and friendly customer support

post constraction cleaning

Naturally, our construction site cleaning service does not have to come alone. You can easily combine it with any one of our other services, and without even moving a finger, enjoy a clean and ready to move-in home! Take advantage of the expert Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning, One-off Cleaning or End of Tenancy Cleaning.

For an absolutely clean and sanitised property just call today  on 020 3637 8979 or send us online request and easily book your professional After builders cleaning service.

After Builders Cleaning Prices

Please be advised that the Post builders cleaning is an hourly rated service. Which means that the final price depends on the size, condition of the property as well as your specific priorities. Additionally, for delivering a dust free and sanitised environment we will provide heavy-duty industrial equipment and a variety of professional detergents.

                                                                Price per hour:   From £22     Equipment & detergents £20



Sarah Connors

The team were fabulous, they've done an incredible job. Really, really pleased - thank you so much!

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I book after builders cleaning while the works at my property are still going on?

Do I need to arrange parking?

We recommend the after builders cleaning to be carried out when the works are completed so our team can accomplish a high-quality cleaning service. On the other hand, we will be happy to come and clean certain areas of the place or even the whole property while the builders are still working. However, keep in mind that we can’t ensure the best possible results as there will be more construction/renovation work taking place after the cleaning and dust can settle again in all surfaces.

A: Yes, you must provide a parking spot for our minivans as close to the property as possible. The cleaning team comes with all the equipment and supplies they need to do the job, so they need a bigger car to bring them inside quickly.

  • What is the difference between one-off cleaning and post builders cleaning?

Do you offer External Window Cleaning?

The one-off cleaning is a service suitable for light or spring cleaning. On the other hand, After builders cleaning experts suggest, this service is carried out after property refurbishment, construction work, decoration and so on. The post builders cleaners specialise in dealing with construction/renovation debris and have the necessary industrial equipment and detergents to scrape and remove all residues construction materials can cause like paint drops, plaster, glue, stickers and foil.

The experts will mainly focus on interior window cleaning, frames and sills included as well as the gap in between. We do offer an external window cleaning and depending on the access to the windows we can provide the service for an additional charge. Different equipment is involved to reach up to 2nd floor - extension window pole system purifying the water - as well as our technician will need access to an outside water tap. This method of washing the exterior windows will remove dust, dirt from the frames and glass surfaces, however is not suitable for cleaning of builders residues like paint drops, plaster, stickers.

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