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Cleaning Your New Apartment Before Moving In

Updated: Jun 14

Moving into a new apartment is always a joyous occasion, but there are many things to complete before this happens. Cleaning your new apartment is one such task. Although it may be pretty tiresome, it is a sure way to create a clean slate. Moreover, there's no better time to do that than now when it's mostly empty and in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. So gather your cleaning supplies and your will, and get to work to make your new apartment pristine and ready for the next chapter of your life.

Always start from top to bottom when cleaning your new apartment

It's easy to overlook one very vital component when cleaning: gravity. When you clean the floor first, then the walls, dust from the walls lands on the floor, making it unclean once more. And we don't want to undo all of our efforts. So, clean from the very top (and we mean very top) to the very bottom. Although good landlords clean thoroughly, they may overlook a spot you often don't see, such as the top of a door frame. Keep a close check on these areas to ensure that your home is spotless and ready for you and your belongings to move in.

If you dust from top to bottom, you will not have to go over certain areas twice.

Make sure your vents and drains are clean

While looking up, you might've noticed that the vents and/or fans are not in the best shape. Luckily, they can be easily cleaned by opening them up, wiping the cover, and carefully vacuuming the inside of the vents. For the best results, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to eliminate the build-up of dust and cobwebs.

Drains are another source of build-up that could even cause an odour in your new apartment. Both landlords and tenants easily overlook these, but you should not ignore them. Allowing some water to run for a minute is the first step in monitoring the drainage flow. Based on this, you'll be able to tell if the drain is completely clogged, slightly clogged, or appears to be in good working order. Regardless, be sure to clear the drains using the proper cleaning products or a popular cleaning method that involves mixing vinegar and baking soda.

Wipe down surfaces, windows, and doors

Although some areas of your new apartment may appear tidy, a closer inspection may reveal that this is not the case. Windows and doors might seem clean until an exceptionally sunny day reveals their flaws. Wipe them down with a microfiber and cleaning solution of your choice.

Examine other areas in your apartment, such as the inside of drawers, behind furniture, and on top of shelves. Most of the time, such places will also be dusty. Wipe down whatever surface you come across, from top to bottom. But don't overlook the baseboards, which can collect a surprising amount of grime and dust.

Once you've tackled all the surfaces already present in your apartment, it is time to call local movers to relocate your belongings to your new home. This is the best course of action since you will likely be quite tired from cleaning everything in your new apartment. If you get help in the area, you will not only save the time needed to transport your items, but you will have more energy to tackle them once they arrive.

All glass surfaces should be dealt with when cleaning your new apartment

Clean any points of contact

We engage with more items daily than we may realise, especially where we spend most of our time: in our homes. Thus, it should come as no surprise that there are numerous points of contact to consider when cleaning your new apartment. Wipe down all of the light switches, handles, and faucets you'll use regularly. While doing so, do not forget about other items such as the top of your kitchen counter, the TV remote or the intercom device.

Give each appliance a thorough clean

Before moving in, carefully clean all of the appliances in your new apartment. After all, you have no idea who used them or how they were cleaned. And this is particularly significant when it comes to cooking appliances. Kitchen appliances, such as ovens, develop oil stains and difficult-to-clean patches, so it's best to tackle them thoroughly. If your oven has a self-clean cycle, now is the time to use it. Furthermore, if your oven allows it, remove the door and its glass, so you have better access to it. You can clean other kitchen appliances in a similar fashion using a degreaser spray and a clean cloth or sponge.

Your washing machine and dryer are two other major appliances that you may miss. These will also require cleaning inside and out with the appropriate equipment and solutions. Many experts recommend using vinegar to clean your house, and such appliances are no exception.

Shampoo upholstery and carpets

Upholstery and carpets attract dust and grime like magnets. Moreover, they appear to be impossible to fully clean. We strongly advise hiring expert assistance because it is the only way to ensure the task is completed and your upholstery and carpets are clean. If not, you may have to spend considerable time cleaning them. Different varieties of upholstery and carpets necessitate different levels of care. You may need to wash some in the washing machine, while others might need spot cleaning. To remove tough stains and odours, you may need to utilise harsher chemicals. And, if the previous owner had pets, you may also need to remove hair with a lint roller or your trusty vacuum. 


In most cases, vacuuming your carpets isn't enough.

Make your floors shine

The final tip for cleaning your new apartment before moving in is to make your floors shine. If you've completed all of the previous steps, this is the last task you'll need to consider. A quick and easy solution is to use a steam mop to clean hardwood, laminate, and tile floors. If you're using a regular mop to clean hardwood floors, make sure it's moist rather than soaking wet. You will avoid inflicting any damage to your floors. Finally, choose a cleaner that matches the floor's finish for added care.

Cleaning your new apartment before moving in is handled. Now it's time to bring in your belongings and begin a new chapter of your life.

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