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House Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Updated: May 30

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys getting old, but this is the natural course of life. Of course, it can be frustrating to see that you no longer have the energy and strength to do everything you used to. But you can still get satisfaction from doing certain things on your own. Being independent at an older age can be very empowering. So, for many people, it’s crucial to be able to cook for themselves and clean their house. Here are some house cleaning tips for seniors that can ease the process.


Make a cleaning plan and schedule

No matter your age, it’s always good to make a plan before you start cleaning. This ensures that no corner of the house is missed. Furthermore, as you get older, it becomes harder to clean the entire house in one day. And who says you have to? Just make a plan with everything that requires cleaning. Then schedule each room for a different day of the week. And be advised that the bathroom and kitchen require more frequent cleaning for hygiene purposes. Moreover, if you clean regularly, it will require less time and effort.



Decluttering is an excellent house cleaning tip for seniors. This is because people tend to collect many things throughout their lives. Some have sentimental value, others are completely useless, and some are also those you wish to pass on to your grandchildren one day. But having so much clutter in the house makes cleaning very difficult - not to mention that it poses a safety risk for seniors.


Go through every room in the house and determine what you need. The rest you can always donate to people in need. As for those items that you wish to pass on to the next generation, you always have the option of renting a storage unit. Even if you have valuable antique furniture, you can find safe long-term storage solutions. These solutions ensure that your valuable items remain safe by providing 24h video surveillance and guards. Plus, they provide special storage conditions like climate-controlled units.


Keep track of the food in the house

A vital house cleaning tip for seniors is to keep track of the food in the house. Since sometimes older adults lose their appetite, there’s a lot of food lying around. Here’s how you can keep track of it:

  • Check the expiry date every time you take something out of the fridge. And don’t forget that non-perishables also expire, so check those too before using them.

  • Label and refrigerate food. This is an excellent trick when you have leftovers. This way, if you don’t feel like cooking one day, you can just defrost something. Just don’t forget to label everything so that you can identify it later.

If you have too many leftovers, label and refrigerate them.


House cleaning tips for seniors that leads to fewer dishes

There are many tricks for saving time while cleaning, and one of them involves the dishes. One option here is to be more practical. For example, you can use the same plate for different courses or combined pots when you cook. You can also make a habit of washing the dishes after every meal to avoid a pile-up. The other option is much simpler: you buy yourself a dishwasher. This might be a bit more costly, but it will save you time and effort.

Be practical and try to use fewer dishes or get a dishwasher.


Household cleaning tips for seniors to avoid bending

Having to bend while cleaning is one of the most significant problems seniors experience when cleaning. This causes them a lot of back pain, and it can be risky for their health. So, here are some tips on how to avoid this:

  • Vacuum, don't sweep. This applies to any household because sweeping causes the dust to swarm in the air and then land back on the furniture and floor. So vacuuming is recommended. Plus, you can use a vertical and light vacuum cleaner if you're a senior. This will prevent you from bending and heavy-lifting. Moreover, most of them can also replace the mop.

  • Use an extendable handle with a sponge at the end to clean your shower or bathtub. This way, you will avoid bending and potentially slipping on the wet surface.

  • Clean your windows with a squeegee and an extendable handle if necessary. Again, this will help you avoid excessive back movements. Plus, it's very efficient.

One of the best house cleaning tips for seniors is to use a squeegee to wash the windows to avoid bending.


Don’t be ashamed to seek help

As previously mentioned, as a senior, it can feel empowering to still be able to clean the house on your own. But you should also know your limits and not overexert yourself. This can be very bad for your health, and then you won't be able to do as much anyway. So, don't be ashamed to ask for some help around the house. And here you have two options:

  1. Friends and family are always glad to give a hand.

Of course, they have busy lives, but this doesn't mean they can't help with a few chores. You can still do most of the cleaning yourself - just ask them to help with things that are too hard for you.

2. Professional cleaners are a very good option for seniors.

They can relieve you of all the stress and effort of cleaning. So, you can hire them to clean your house regularly. However, if this seems too costly, you can hire them for a one-off cleaning. This can be done once or twice a year to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned.



Getting old comes with many problems, such as limited mobility and poor health. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to prevent that. However, being able to take care of yourself and your home can be very satisfying and empowering. So, use these house cleaning tips for seniors to ease the process. But remember not to overexert yourself and ask for help whenever you need it. There’s absolutely no shame in doing so. After all, aging is a natural part of life.


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