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Guide to Deep Cleaning Your House Before the Baby Arrives

Updated: May 30

Your baby arriving home for the first time might be one of the happiest moments of your life. You've probably already prepared a beautiful nursery and a ton of cute little outfits for your bundle of joy. How exciting! But what about cleaning? Besides a cute nursery and clothes, you'll also have to make sure your home is spotless, from floors to ceilings, for your baby's arrival. It's of utmost importance that your whole house is disinfected and safe for the baby. New-borns have a developing immune system, which means they aren't strong enough to fight all the bacteria and germs lying around the place. So, if you're parents-to-be, read this ultimate guide to deep cleaning your house before the baby arrives!

Declutter & Organise

Having a baby also means having a ton of new stuff in the house. That's why you need to make some changes to keep everything clean, organised, and easy to maintain. After all, you won't have as much time to do all this stuff once the baby arrives, so why not prepare everything beforehand. So, first, declutter and organise everything, then move on to deep cleaning your house before the baby arrives.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of some things so that you can make room for your baby's stuff. Of course, the first room you'll have to declutter is the nursery. Decide what you want to sell, donate, keep, and throw away. Then, you can repeat the process in each room of the house. Make sure you keep only the things you will use!

Once the decluttering is over, start categorising. One thing is for sure - you'll have a bunch of baby things to organise, from changing and feeding station to storage for all the diapers, wipes, towels, toys, stroller, etc. Keep in mind that you have to make everything easy to reach and always at your fingertips. A few open shelves nailed to the wall would be perfect for this.

If you want to make your life easier and cleaner once the baby arrives, you'll have to declutter and organise everything beforehand.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

Even though you won't cook for your baby, you'll use your kitchen to prepare the bottle a few times a day. That's why you need to keep this room cleaned and sanitized at all times. Therefore, make sure to clean and scrub the countertops thoroughly, as well as the appliances, cabinets, and drawers. You should sanitise every surface in the kitchen and the refrigerator regularly to avoid the possibility of contaminating the baby's food when you prepare meals. Believe it or not, white vinegar is the best disinfector, and it's also eco and budget-friendly. Additionally, set aside a spot just for your baby's stuff. Keeping things organized will help you keep things clean as well.

Furthermore, you probably baby-proofed the whole house, especially the kitchen. And for a good reason! The kitchen can be pretty dangerous for babies, so it's essential to create a safe environment for them. Since the baby-proof equipment is in areas that babies frequently touch, make sure that equipment is spotless at all times! It's another way of keeping your baby safe and healthy.

Sanitise Baby's Nursery 

The nursery should be your top priority when it comes to deep cleaning your house before the baby arrives. It is the place where you'll bathe, change, and feed your baby. It's also the place where your little bundle of joy will sleep. Therefore, you need to make sure it's properly cleaned and disinfected. Start with dusting and disinfecting the shelves and other storage space in the room. Then, clean the windows and doors and wash the curtains. You also need to disinfect the crib thoroughly and wash everything in it. Finally, you need to sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors. As a plus, keep the windows open, so there is a lot of fresh air in the nursery.

Clean the Carpets

Carpeting acts as a filter that gathers dust, grime, pet dander, and other dirt regardless of how well you vacuum. That's why it's best to hire a professional cleaning service that will deep-clean your carpets. This way, you'll be sure the carpets are clean and thoroughly sanitised. On the other hand, if you decide to clean the carpets in your home on your own, make sure you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. When it comes to carpeting, they usually recommend steam cleaning. Also, avoid harsh chemicals and powered carpet deodorisers. They often create a cloud of dust that can be toxic to your baby.


With all the dust and grime stuck to it, you need to make sure your carpets are spotless.

Disinfect & Clean the Furniture 

When deep cleaning your house before the baby arrives, don't forget to clean all the furniture, especially the upholstered one, thoroughly. It is of utmost importance, especially if someone in your household smokes. The first thing you should do is enforce the no-smoke rule. Then, make sure to carefully and thoroughly clean all the upholstery and drapes. It's a known fact that smoke can get stuck in both the furniture and curtains. The same goes for the dust and grime. That's why we recommend hiring professional cleaners. After all, you need to ensure that there are no odours and dirt stuck in any part of your house. 

Dust, Sweep, Vacuum & Mop 

You need to dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop each room in your household. Eventually, you will spend time with your baby in every corner of your home, so you need to make sure everything is immaculate. We recommend starting from the top floor (if you have one) and then working your way down. Additionally, we recommend you do cleaning activities in the following order: sweeping, dusting, mopping, and vacuuming. This way, you'll make sure every piece of dust and other dirt is gone. 

Every room of your home needs to be spotless.

To sum up

Creating a safe and healthy environment for your new-born is crucial. It needs to be spotless. With this guide to deep cleaning your house before the baby arrives, you can keep track of every cleaning step. So, purchase all the cleaning supplies, gather the necessary equipment, and get to work!

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