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The Ultimate Summer Cleaning Checklist

Updated: May 30

You hate cleaning. We know – most people do. Especially if it's summer and you would rather spend that time outside. But, in order to have a home that is healthy and comfortable for you and all your loved ones to live in, you must keep it clean. Thus, do not postpone this chore. The sooner you start cleaning, the sooner you will be able to enjoy a clean home. Take advantage of the summer weather and turn your whole house upside down. And, don't worry, we are here to help you out too. Today, we prepared an ultimate summer cleaning checklist that will ease your cleaning process and help you stay organised.

Windows and everything around them 

To see how dirty your home actually is, we recommend starting your summer cleaning with your windows. First, take down all your blinds, curtains, and any other window treatments you have. Wash the blinds by hand, and put the curtains in the washer. Then, start cleaning your windows.


The best solution for cleaning windows is a mixture of water and dishwashing soap. And, if you want to make everything shine, you can also make a mixture of water and white vinegar (you can make a big batch of this mixture, as white vinegar can efficiently clean your entire home). Moreover, don't forget to buy some new microfiber cloths and squeegees too – old ones can make your windows even dirtier.

If you want to let the summer sunshine in, make sure to have clean windows.

Air vents 

Summer means hot weather. And, hot weather means AC running all day and night. So, it goes without saying that the next thing on our ultimate summer cleaning checklist must be cleaning the air vents (or replacing them if necessary).


Namely, it would be best if you changed the air vents on ACs or HVAC systems twice a year. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't clean them in the meantime. So, take your manual and see how to get the vents out and vacuum the dust. If the vents are really dirty, you can also give them a bath in some warm water and dish soap.


Moreover, you also shouldn't skip deep cleaning after moving in. If the previous owners haven't cleaned the vents in a while, you will smell everything they were doing (cooking, smoking, putting on strong perfumes) as soon as you turn on your AC. Trust us, this will not be a pleasant thing. So, prevent this from happening and ensure you start on the right foot with your home by cleaning the vents.

Sorting the closets as part of the ultimate summer cleaning checklist

Cleaning the closest is a never-ending job. This is because we keep buying new items every season and throwing them into the closet. In the beginning, everything looks clean and organised, but after a couple of years of hoarding, closets start looking like one big hot mess.


There is no need to pile clothes in your closet. If you know that you will never wear something again, or if you know that something just doesn't fit you anymore, get rid of it. Of course, don't throw it in the bin – instead, donate it to a charity, give it to a friend, or sell it online. Moreover, do the same with all other things cluttering your home. Remember, the less stuff you have, the more energy and time you will save when cleaning your home.


Also, it would be a good idea to use this summer heat to take all your clothes from the closet, wash them, and air dry them. And, while they are air-drying, use that time to clean the inside of the closet.


Summer is the best time to give your closets some love too!


Patio and grill 

Every ultimate summer cleaning checklist will tell you that you have to clean your patio and grill as soon as possible. We could not agree more! That is, we believe that cleaning the patio and grill is something you should do while spring-cleaning your home, but it is better to clean them late than to clean than never!


You will use your patio (or your yard or any other outdoor area you have) and your grill all your summer, so make sure they are clean. At the start of summer, your patio probably needs some good sweeping and dusting, and your grill probably needs de-greasing. Moreover, if you have some outdoor furniture, you should also give that a quick wash with a hose. And the best thing is that none of these three tasks is complex or time-consuming.


 Make your patio and grill summer-ready by cleaning them thoroughly.


Refrigerator cleaning

When speaking of everything you should include in your ultimate summer cleaning checklist, we should also mention a refrigerator. Refrigerators are things that should be the cleanest in our homes (as we are using them to preserve our food longer, of course), but, somehow, they end up being the dirtiest. Most of us postpone the fridge cleaning until the very last moment and end up having dirt, mould, and who knows what else in them.

To clean your refrigerator fridge, you don't need any harsh chemicals. Quite the contrary, the easiest, the cheapest, the healthiest, and the most effective way to clean your fridge is the previously mentioned mixture of water and white vinegar. That and a sponge will do wonders for your fridge.

Final words

As you have seen, there are many things that you can include in your ultimate summer cleaning checklist. Of course, we mentioned just some of the most important ones. Still, you already know that there are many more (all the kitchen appliances, kid's clutter, pet's beds, laundry room, trash can, top of the cabinets, upholstery on your furniture, etc.). Clean as much as possible this summer, so you will have less cleaning to do when autumn arrives.


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