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How a Clean Roof Boosts Home Value

Updated: May 30

Home improvements are part of homeownership, and you need to maintain your property in excellent condition. This will not only give you a better and safer home, but it will also keep its value increasing for the moment you might decide to sell. Working on the value of your home can benefit you even if the sale is not on your mind. Sometimes, unexpected things happen, or you outgrow your current home, or it becomes too big once your children grow up. That’s why you should always keep your home’s value on your mind, as you never know when all the investments will become useful. One of the aspects of maintaining a property in good condition is taking care of its roof, the essential part of every home. This guide will show you how a clean roof boosts home value and give you some useful tips to keep it spotless.

A clean roof improves curb appeal

When your roof is not covered with dirt and debris, it makes your home look much more attractive on the outside. Curb appeal is one of the essential features of every home, and it can significantly affect its value. Pressure washing not only your roof, but other surfaces as well, you can transform the exterior of your home. Make your roof sparkle, along with your patio, driveway, walkways, garage door, etc. A clean exterior of your home will show you as a responsible homeowner, which can be very helpful in case you decide to sell.

Cleaning your roof helps you find issues with it

Power washing your roof is a way to clean the dirt, debris from the surrounding trees, and more. Furthermore, it will help you find out problematic or damaged areas on your roof. If you couldn’t spot them when there was dirt over them, now it’s easier to locate these spots and repair them. Doing this as early as possible will ensure that the damage doesn’t spread and make it a more straightforward and cheaper repair. Finally, a roof that’s clean and with zero damage significantly increases the value of the property, as you’re selling a well-maintained home with no need for additional renovation. This can get the help you ask for at a higher price, as you did all the necessary repairs.

A clean, healthy roof protects the inside of your home

Don’t forget the main purpose of having a solid roof over your head. It will keep you warm but also protect the interior of your home. The way a clean roof boosts your home value helps you spot any potential repairs. This ensures you do them on time and don’t risk any leaks and damage to your inside walls, furniture, floors, etc. Dirt and debris can pile up over time and make shingles move around, which is a high risk, especially in the winter and autumn seasons. Clean your roof on time, avoid leaks in your home and ensure it stays in excellent condition for a long time.

A roof will keep you warm, but a clean roof boosts home value as well.

You attract potential buyers

People going house-hunting can easily spot a great home in a neighbourhood. The roof is one of the things they can see passing by the house, so it’s one of the criteria they consider when choosing a home to buy. Make sure your roof is spotless, as it will show its true colour and make the house more attractive to potential buyers.

Remember: the condition of the roof is one of the first things every buyer will check to make sure they are investing in the right property. So, if you’re moving into a new home, don't forget you should do that as well. One of the first things to do after moving into your new home is to check the state of the roof and other essential parts. This way, you can see if you need to invest more money into repairs. Sometimes, a home can have a great location, affordable price, and perfect size, yet requires very expensive repairs. This is something to consider along with your budget, so you can decide if you can afford a home that’s not in perfect condition.

A house with no pests is worth more

No buyer wants to see unwanted visitors in a potential new home for their family. A roof that’s in good condition will not allow any pets to enter the house. Furthermore, a dirty roof is a great place for insects and other unwelcome guests to grow and damage the roof. That’s why cleaning it minimises the risks of damage caused by bugs and other similar creatures. A squeaky-clean roof will no longer be an attractive spot for pests, making your home a lot safer and healthier.

A roof that’s in good condition will not allow any pets to enter the house.

Cleaning a roof – the best way to do it

You can clean a roof with power washing or soft washing with a mixture of chlorine and water. However, this is a rather challenging task that shouldn’t be done by amateurs. Hire pros to help you out and get more efficient results with minimum risk of getting injured or causing damage to your roof. Professionals have the right tools and skills and will adapt the technique to the kind of roof you have over the property.

Cleaning the roof is beneficial for solar panels

One way to boost your home’s value is to add solar panels and save energy and money. However, they won’t work if they are covered in leaves, dirt, and debris. Cleaning your roof is a great way to clear the panels, as well making them more efficient.

Add solar panels and save energy and money.

Don’t let your home deteriorate in dirt

A clean roof boosts home value, but other parts of the property also need to be properly maintained. Choose a cleaning routine that works best for you, so you can keep the house tidy but still have time for other tasks and activities. However, if you feel like you can’t manage it, let experts help you out and save you tons of time. Trusting an expert to keep your home spotless is one of the best investments you can make, as you’ll have a sparkly clean home, energy, and time to work and enjoy days off with your loved ones.

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