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Reasons a Biweekly Cleaning Service is Right for You

Updated: May 30

Everyone has a different cleaning routine. While some people enjoy doing a bit every day to keep their house clean at all times, others feel like there's no need to do it that often and have a thorough cleaning session every couple of weeks or once a month. Luckily, when hiring a cleaning professional, you choose the frequency of their visits and the optimal plan for your household. However, many people are not sure how often they should invite a cleaning expert to help them out. That's why we wanted to make things easier for you and explain why the biweekly cleaning service is right for you. Here are all the reasons why you should have your home cleaned every two weeks.

It’s a more optimal solution than a weekly appointment

Most people who use cleaning services prefer a biweekly schedule. The reason is that it's the most optimal solution, compared to a weekly appointment, for example. When you have a busy schedule, a week passes very quickly, so it can be challenging to have someone over every weekend to clean your home. Some people find that schedule excessive because they simply don't need the services often. If you don't have a large family or don't spend too much time at home, your household may not require frequent maintenance. Therefore organizing cleaning once a week may be an unnecessary waste of your time and money.

 A thorough cleaning isn’t necessary every week

It’s a time saver compared to monthly cleaning sessions

Cleaning your home monthly can take away more time, money, and energy, whether you do it on your own or hire someone to do it for you. When a home is cleaned more often, it takes less to do the work. Also, with monthly cleaning, you'll need to do much more maintenance. That's why a biweekly cleaning service is right for you – it will help you avoid certain tasks, such as scrubbing the bathroom, and save time in the long run.

A biweekly cleaning service is more cost-efficient

Weekly cleaning sessions can burden your budget, whereas monthly cleaning services cost a lot and require more time. That's why a biweekly cleaning service may be the most cost-efficient choice. You can save with biweekly cleaning and still get excellent results. You won't have to pay for the cleaning services every week, but you'll also save on the high expenses of monthly cleaning rates. Biweekly cleaning pays off in the long run and leaves your home spotless at the same time. A biweekly cleaning service represents the perfect compromise between weekly and monthly cleaning.

Maintaining healthy environment

One of the best benefits of a biweekly cleaning service is that it keeps your home healthy, without allergens and dust. If you have pets and small children, this is an ideal way to maintain cleanliness in your home and ensure your little ones are healthy and happy. Biweekly cleaning services include detailed dusting and vacuuming, removing pet hair, dust, germs, and other allergens away from your home. This will ensure consistency in the cleanliness level of your home, creating an overall healthy environment for your loved ones.

Regular cleaning keeps your home free from germs, improving your health

Remember: keeping your living space tidy and clean doesn't only depend on hiring cleaners. You must also regularly declutter your home and get rid of everything you don't need. If there are things that you brought from your old home and they don't currently fit, or you need more time to revamp them, you can keep them in a storage unit along with seasonal clothes, hobby equipment, and more. If your home is cluttered, and you don't want to throw your items out, a good solution would be to put them in a storage unit. When packing items for storage, be sure to prepare them for the unit. Proper packing means your items will stay secure for as long as you need them.

It’s a secure arrangement

When you arrange biweekly cleaning of your home, you have a regular, secure schedule of those visits. This is one less thing to worry about, as you'll have scheduled cleaning sessions on days that work for you. Being busy and smitten with work and daily chores, you may forget to book a cleaning service on time, leaving you without a clean home. By scheduling a biweekly cleaning session, you don't need to worry about such things but have your home regularly cleaned.

More time for yourself

Probably the best reason a biweekly cleaning service is right for you is that now you'll have more time for yourself and your family. Don't spend the only time you have off work cleaning the house. It's much better to enjoy your free time reading a favourite book, watching a movie, or going on a weekend adventure with your loved ones.

Having a professional cleaning service leaves more time for relaxing

The feeling of a clean home

Let's not forget that amazing feeling of coming into your freshly cleaned home. It's something we all enjoy, right? The best thing about a biweekly cleaning service is that you can have that moment without feeling tired from all the housework. Let professionals do the cleaning for you so you can focus on work, kids, or some enjoyable tasks you like to do in your free time.

New habits in your new home

You may not have practice hiring experts to clean your home, but if you're about to move soon, it's a perfect moment to start. Professional cleaners can help you clean up after the move and ensure your new home is ready for arrival. From that moment on, you can schedule biweekly cleaning services and maintain a clean and tidy home. Also, you should trust reliable experts to ensure a safe transfer, especially if you're coming to the UK from the US or another country or continentLong-distance moves can be messy, so hiring someone you can trust completely can reduce the moving stress.

Hire only the best!

After pointing out all the benefits, you probably understand that a biweekly cleaning service is right for you. However, you should know that Royal Cleaners offer so much more. Contact us to schedule a perfect plan for keeping your home sparkly clean and creating a healthy and comfortable environment for your loved ones.

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