How to Easily Get Rid of Paint Smell at Home

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November 23, 2017
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How to Easily Get Rid of Paint Smell at Home

Paint smell is a lamentable consequence of refurbishing. Figure out how to get rid of paint smells with minimal effort and get prepared for your next redesign project.

Renovation of the house comes with a lot of excitement and of course with some unpleasant effects too. A new layer of paint can absolutely transform a room yet not always the way you want it. Basically, a paint smell can make being in rooms awkward and can cause some health issues to people who are more sensitive. As a professional cleaning company with vast of experience in the after builders cleaning services, we would like to give you some helpful tips for disposing of paint fumes so you can enjoy your newly renovated and redesigned property.

The most effective method to dispose of paint smell in your house

Not certain how to get rid of paint smell in your house after redesigning and redecorating? All it takes is a couple of basic steps:

  • Open windows when painting inside the rooms and leave them open for few hours even after you finish
  • Utilise electric fans to circulate air in the event that you can’t open the windows
  • Abstain from painting numerous rooms around the same time
  • Use fragrance absorbents or baking soda to help spruce up recently painted rooms – sprinkle it on floor coverings and place it in plates and bowls around the space to ingest the paint smell

How to get rid of paint smell in premises with poor ventilation

In the event that you can’t open a window to let the paint fume out, then take a stab at using absorbing ingredients as an approach to get rid of paint smells.

Baking soda

Pour a liberal sum onto a plate or into a bowl and put it near the wet paint. You may require a few plates of baking soda for an entire room


Fill a little pot with charcoal and place it close to the wet paint to enable it to help dispose of paint smells


Place cuts of lemon in frosty water to supplant the unpleasant paint fume with a new citrus aroma. This works best when the containers are put near the wet paint


It absorbs vapours from the paint and neutralises the unpleasant odour. Remember to replace the salt daily with a new one as well as regularly ventilate the room.


Add a few drops of vanilla extract in the paint and stir well. The aroma will not change the colour of the paint but will definitely eliminate it smell and you can enjoy a pleasant aroma at home.

So now you have a few ideas how to get rid of the unpleasant paint smell after decorating. For a professional after builders cleaning at your house or office, Royal Cleaners is at your disposal 7 days a week. Contact us on 020 3637 8979 today!

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