Terms and Conditions

Definitions and Contacts

1.1. We, us, our, company implies for Royal Cleaners. You, yours stands for Client, Customer
1.2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by an official of the Company, these Terms and Conditions should beat some different terms of business or purchase conditions put forth by the Customer
1.3. These Terms and Conditions typify an agreement between the Company and the Customer.
1.4. Apart from our own teams, Royal Cleaners also work with franchise contractors
1.5. You accept Royal Cleaners and any of our partners, service providers, subsidiaries, licensors and/or any other third parties related to us.

Price calculation

2.1. All of the prices on our site are excluding VAT
2.2. Depending on the type of the service and condition of the property, the calculation of the price is approximate and may vary.
2.3. The End of tenancy cleaning price is based on the number of rooms and may vary depending on the size and state of the property. For properties of 2 bedrooms and bigger, the price includes just 1 bathroom and 1 flight of stairs. If there are any additional rooms or the property is furnished or partly furnished the price might differ.
2.4. As a company, we reserve the right to amend or adjust the price if the property is not kept in a good condition.
2.5. If the property is different than described over the phone/chat/email or the customer changes the original priorities we reserve the right to amend the final price
2.6. The price of cleaning the conservatory it is exclusive the roof. On the day of the service, the cleaning team will confirm if the roof from the inside can be cleaned depending on the access, size and height of the conservatory. Due to safety reasons the exterior windows on the roof will not be cleaned.

Payment methods

3.1. We acknowledge cash, bank transfer payments
3.2. Bank transfer payments from private customers must be paid before the service. Print screen of the transaction must be sent the day preceding or we have the right to decline to provide the cleaning service.
3.3. Bank transfer payments for corporate customers are obligatory 30 days after the completion of the service.
3.4. Cash payment or bank transfer payments are usually required unless otherwise agreed
3.5. To secure the slot a 50% deposit must be paid via bank transfer and within 24hrs after the Confirmation email is sent.
3.6. Late payments will be liable for extra charges. In the event that payment is not made within 30 days from the date of the receipt then the customer record will be passed to a debt collection company, which will cause extra charges.
3.7. When booking and confirming the cleaning service and authorising our company to organise and perform it, the client consents to pay the agreed amount.
3.8. Straight after the cleaning service is completed we will send you an online receipt certifying a professional cleaning service has been performed
3.9. Upon the act of booking the cleaning service with Royal Cleaners, you affirm that you have perused and consented to the company Payment terms and conditions, and in addition the general Terms and conditions.

Insurance policy

4.1. Royal Cleaners has Public and Employer Liability Insurance. The arrangement covers any unplanned harm caused by us, if legitimate and written by the end of the cleaning service
4.2 The Company's public liability policy will cover harms caused by a cleaning agent working on behalf of our Company up to £2,000,000.00.
4.3. All delicate and profoundly flimsy things must be secured or removed from the property while our team is there
4.4. Even though the Royal Cleaners’ agents make every effort not to break things, mishaps do happen. Indistinguishable substitution is constantly endeavoured however not ensured. For this specific reason, the Company requests each essentially profitable items to be secured or not cleaned by the cleaning staff.
4.5. The Company maintains all authority to decline to unveil any classified archives.


Royal Cleaners reserves the right not to be liable in the following situations

5.1 On the off chance that a third party arrives or it is present during the service
5.2 Not able to finish the cleaning task because of the absence of water, electricity or whatever another impediment of the cleaning procedure.
5.3 If any of our cleaning operatives are asked to perform a service out of our range
5.4 Any harms caused by hardware or cleansers given from the customer
5.5 During the end of tenancy cleaning service the Company is not responsible for any items or belongings left in the property (all of the items or belongings are considered as not needed and will be disposed at the designated area unless we are not informed in advance).

Royal Cleaners is liable for

5.6 Keep customer’s data confidential
5.7 Repair of any harmed area or an object caused by our colleague. One of the supervisors will assess the premises. On the off chance that the area/object is not repairable our company will show present cash value toward a like for like replacement after the payment of the cleaning service.
5.8 Replacing any lost or damaged key by one of our operatives within £30 (limit per property)
5.9 Royal Cleaners’ part is as/of an initial agent for suppliers of an extensive variety of cleaning services and we are approved by local providers to enter into an agreement with you on the service providers’ side. We will do this by taking your booking enquiry, assigning the booking to an accessible specialist organisation and afterwards sending you an email affirming the points of interest of your booking


6.1 The client is obliged to provide us with access to the property.
6.2 In case we are collecting keys from a managing agency, neighbour or other property close to the property where the cleaning will occur, they should open all locks. Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge the client £50 fee.
6.3 The client should provide access in the property to hot water and electricity

Complaints and claims

7.1 We recommend the client to present at the beginning of the cleaning service and to review the property upon completion of the service
7.2 The Customer acknowledges that an unsatisfactory service must be accounted within 24 hours from the date the service was performed. Damages and thefts must be reported on review at the end of the service. Failure to do this will achieve lost customer's benefit for discount or refund of any kind.
7.3 All types of complaints must be reported to the office – verbally or by email no later than 24 hours after the service is carried out.
7.4 The end of tenancy cleaning (move out clean) service has a guarantee of 48 hours. In the off chance that the property is full of personal belongings or someone will stay at the property after the cleaning service is completed, or the premises condition is poor the guarantee will be waived and not valid.
7.5 In the event that there are missed areas during the tenancy cleaning, we will send back a team of cleaners for a free re-clean of these areas at our first convenience. Please note, that the company must be notified about it within the 48 hrs guaranteed period. No discounts or refunds will be made.
7.6 The Client consents to permit the Company back to re-clean any debated areas or items before making any attempts to clean those areas or items independent from anyone else or procuring another company to complete cleaning or repair services with respect to the above. Inability to do as such will void our Company Guarantee and we will consider the issue completely settled.
7.7 The Company may expect access to the area of the claim in the next 24 hours to fix the issue.
7.8 For a circumstance of an untouchable assessing or declining to inspect the result from the cleaning at that point, the Company can't be considered responsible of readdressing any remarkable cleaning issues not mentioned by the third party.
7.9 Please note that the cleaning of a fireplace at the property will include a general dusting and wipe off from the outside and the team will not collect any ash.
7.10 The Carpet cleaning/upholstery cleaning performed at the end of tenancy cleaning is not part of the 48 hrs guarantee. Our technicians will do everything possible to perform high-quality carpet/upholstery cleaning and to remove any stains or dark marks. However, we cannot guarantee that all stains and spots will come out if the carpet/upholstery is heavily stained and outworn, especially if the stains are old or already treated by the client.
7.11 During the After builders cleaning and One off cleaning service the cleaning of the kitchen appliances, cupboards and units will be done outside only (oven and fridge cleaning internally will be an additional charge).


8.1 Refund will be issued just if the Client has cancelled the cleaning visit within the allowed time (48 hrs) before the start of the cleaning session and the payment has been as of now taken by the Company.
8.2 Refunds will be issued if a cleaning operative does not go to a cleaning visit payment for which has been already gathered by the Company.
8.3. No refund cases will be engaged once the cleaning service has been carried out.


9.1 The Client must notify us at least 48 hours prior to the service so he/she can cancel the visit for free of charge, reschedule for a different day or change the booking.
9.2 Client consents to pay a cancellation charge of 50% if cancels less than 48 hrs prior to the cleaning service
9.3 Client is required to pay a cancellation fee of £50 if there is no access to the property, no water or electricity, which makes our work impossible.


10.1 The Customer must provide our operatives with electricity and water access.
10.2 The Client must organise the parking for our team/cleaner. As well as is in charge of any parking fees occurring by our team/operatives.
10.3 In the case of a mischance or an unexpected situation happens we can be postponed for the service, we can send a substitute team or cleaner or the service can be rescheduled for a different day.
10.4 All of our appointments have 1 hr frame of arrival.

Our site changes regularly

11.1. We put a lot of effort to improve our services. Thus, our site is updated regularly, and we may change the content at any time. If needed, we may suspend access to our site, or close it indefinitely. You agree that we may update, change, suspend or restrict your access to any features, parts or the whole site at any time, without notice or liability to you.
11.2. Any of the materials on our site might be obsolete at any given time, and we are under no commitment to refresh all materials, at all.
11.3 Royal cleaners reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without giving any notice. For more updates, you can visit our website: https://www.royalcleaners.uk/