About Royal Cleaners

For several years on the market, Royal Cleaners has proved as a trustworthy and professional cleaning company, which first priority is the client. At Royal Cleaners, we will try our best to make your life easier! We would love to help you free yourself from the daily cleaning routine. Instead, you will be able to invest your energy and resources in more useful and important things in life. We are careful about your requirements and needs. Moreover, we value every customer and our relationship with him or her. Furthermore, we believe that this is the only way to build something truly worthwhile. We not only care about our clients but believe in your case!

Why Choosing Royal Cleaners’ Services

  • High-quality at reasonable price
  • Skilled and reliable cleaners with years of experience
  • Detailed cleaning services
  • Customers’ satisfaction guarantee
  • Personalised quotes, based on your needs and requirements
  • No disturbances of your everyday chores
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Always up-to-date with the newest trends

Cleaning any type of accommodation with Royal Cleaners’ services is a convenient way to keep your premises up to the highest standards without getting overwhelmed with the upkeep itself. We will be glad to offer you any type of services combos that are most suitable for you – our customers are like royals to us.

What can you expect from Royal Cleaners


The Royal Cleaners

Our friendly team at Royal Cleaners consists only of highly trained professionals. They execute their jobs flawlessly and have the skills and the know-how to perform a high-quality cleaning service. In addition, all cleaners are proficient and equipped with industrial tools, equipment and a variety of cleaning detergents you cannot get in the store. The Royal Cleaners bring together those for whom the cleaning of apartments and houses is fun and a favourite task. You can trust us as our co-workers truly love their job! Neatness and cleanliness, the clients’ satisfaction are the biggest pleasure for them. In turn, our clients are happy that their order is not completed as yet another chore, but the cleaning has been approached with invested soul and positive emotions. Only one visit by our cleaners — and you will gladly welcome them with open doors, as good friends.


A combination of cleaning options may even get a special offer or discount. You can check our prices, in addition, our friendly customer support team will be able to help you further with your inquiry. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us right away on 020 3637 8979 or send us your request online!