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 Cleaning Prices

    Royal Cleaners Competitive Prices

Royal Cleaners fair prices allow anyone to take advantage of our great offers at any time. Prices may vary depending on the size and complexity of the work – our specialists will propose an indicative price as soon as you provide them with more detailed information. Then we will calculate your offer. It is highly personalised according to your needs and affordable so you can get a perfect service in return!

Royal Cleaners prices

End of tenancy cleaning Prices

     Property Type                                    Excluding Carpet Cleaning                               Including Carpet Cleaning

 1 Bedroom                                                   from £198                                                             from £249

 2 Bedroom                                                   from £220                                                             from £295

 3 Bedroom                                                   from £269                                                             from £368

 4 Bedroom                                                   from £360                                                             from £489

 5 Bedroom and above                                 we recommend survey

The End of tenancy cleaning service is an extensive package deal. You will get a team of professional cleaners sanitising every nook of your property for an unlimited time. Together with that you also receive a free oven cleaning in a dip tank and 40% off carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as cleaning all the inside windows. The price also includes a big variety of cleaning detergents, tools and equipment to successfully complete your move out cleaning service. Please have in mind that the calculation of the price is based on the number and size of the premises and may vary. All quotes are applicable for regularly maintained properties.

After builders cleaning prices

royal cleaners prices

Please be advised that our post-builders cleaning service is charged at an hourly rate. This means the final price will depend on the size and condition of the property, as well as your specific priorities. To ensure a dust-free and sanitised environment, we use heavy-duty industrial equipment and a variety of professional detergents.

Price per hour

From £22

Equipment & detergents £20

One off Deep cleaning prices

Price per hour

From £22

Equipment & detergents £20

Our One-off cleaning service is designed with a personalised approach. The quote and final price are based on your specific requirements and budget. At Royal Cleaners, we use only proven, high-quality cleaning solutions from recommended manufacturers, which we can provide at an additional cost.

price list

Carpet & Upholstery cleaning prices

carpet cleaning price

Royal Cleaners offers fair prices, making our great services accessible to everyone. Prices may vary depending on the size and complexity of the work. Our specialists will provide an indicative price once you give them detailed information, and we will then calculate a personalised offer based on your needs. Our pricing is affordable, ensuring you receive perfect service in return!

Prices start from £70 per visit.

*Minimum charges apply. 

*All costs are approximate and may vary depending on the layout, size, and condition of the premises. Royal Cleaners reserves the right to amend the final price if the property differs significantly from the initial description provided via phone, email, or live chat, or if the client changes the initial priorities. Please note that the price calculation is based on regularly cleaned properties. If our cleaners find the premises are not maintained properly or are in poor condition, we may adjust the agreed price accordingly.

For any additional information, our team will be happy to assist you further – CALL US  today on
020 3637 8979 or send us an online inquiry.

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