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Ways to Clean Walls Without Damaging the Paint

Updated: May 30

Cleaning the walls of a home is commonly overlooked when doing a deep clean. But the state of the home’s walls has the biggest effect on the overall look of the home. When the walls of a home aren’t clean, they can make it look bad. It doesn’t matter how much effort is put into decorating and cleaning a home. Dirty walls can ruin the look of any room, and that’s why keeping them clean is crucial. But repainting the walls if they are dirty can cost a lot and be time consuming. When you follow our quick ways to clean walls, you make sure they don’t need to be repainted for a longer period of time.

Ways to clean walls without damaging the paint: simple solutions

Having dirty and stained walls may seem like a difficult task to complete. However, you will find that the best solution for this problem is also the easiest one. When you start cleaning the walls in your home, remove the dust first. Gently go over every surface with a dry cloth. Do this a couple of times to make sure all the dust is gone. Now, when you go over it with a damp cloth, you won’t have dust sticking to it.

Once you’re done removing the dust, it’s time to tackle the stains. All you will need is some warm water and a large cloth. When you wipe the walls, it’s important not to use too much pressure. Pressing the walls too hard with a damp cloth can remove or damage the paint. If the stains aren’t coming off, don’t worry. You can let the area dry off and try again the next day. Persistent stains just need a little more time to be dealt with. You can even consider using a sponge; just make sure to use the softer side so there aren’t any marks from the cleaning.

If the stains aren’t coming off with just water, there are other ways to clean walls. Baking soda can be a great tool for removing stains from the walls. It can work especially well on walls painted white. Add just a touch of baking soda to the water and clean the walls with it. Besides baking soda, regular dish soap can work just as well. But it’s important not to go overboard so that it doesn’t leave soap all over the walls. Add a little bit of dish soap at first, and keep adding it until you are satisfied with the consistency.

A soft sponge or a cloth is the best tool when cleaning the walls in your home

Ways to clean walls without damaging the wallpaper

Wallpaper can look great in any room in your home. However, wallpaper can easily get dirty and stained over time. Replacing wallpaper can be a very expensive and tiring process. Some people even choose to paint over the wallpaper because they can’t get it to look the way it initially did. That’s why taking good care of it is very important. Wallpaper can last for years without losing its look when you take good care of it. In order to remove stains from your wallpaper, start by removing dust. A dry cloth will do just fine in this phase of the process.

This is something you can do every month to keep your wallpaper looking great. If you are considering vacuuming the wallpaper, you can. But you should use the vacuum cleaner carefully so that it doesn’t damage the wallpaper. Once you’ve removed all the dust, it’s time to remove the stains. Be careful when choosing tools for removing stains from wallpaper. Because wallpaper can be made from different materials, you will have to choose the right tools for each material.

If your wallpaper is made from fiberglass or vinyl, feel free to use soap and water. With a cloth, gently go over the wallpaper and remove the stains. You can consider using a dry cloth to make the wallpaper dry faster. Consider using bleach to remove those difficult-to-remove stains. But before you do so, test it on a smaller surface to see whether it will damage the wallpaper. Don't use water if your wallpaper is made from other materials, such as bamboo. It’s best to stick with just dusting the walls, so they don’t get damaged.

Ways to clean walls with wallpaper are a little bit different than ways to clean walls with paint

Ways to prevent stains on the walls

As with any other area in your home, consistent and regular cleaning is the key. You can keep your walls just as clean as any other area in your home. Create a cleaning schedule for your weekly and monthly tasks. This way, you will easily remember which areas you need to tackle and when. Keeping up with the cleanliness of your walls will never be easier. To achieve the best results, cleaning them every month is best.

The walls of any home can get dirty when renovating or moving. To prevent your walls and other areas in your home from getting dirty when moving, there are a couple of steps you can take. Your home will easily stay clean during the moving process when you put just a little bit of effort into it. You can prevent stains during this by covering the floors and walls of your home. Putting more effort into keeping your home clean during the moving process will pay off. You won’t have nearly as much to do after you’ve packed and moved.

The walls of your kitchen can get especially dirty. A good backsplash is essential in order to keep a kitchen clean. To keep your walls clean, tackle the stains as soon as they appear. This way, you have a higher chance of removing them for good. Fresh stains are much easier to remove from walls than old ones.

Wipe clean your kitchen regularly

Final thoughts

The walls in your home will always be spotless when you follow these ways to clean walls without damaging the paint. But the key to clean walls isn’t in the way you tackle stains. It is all about doing your best to prevent stains from creating in the first place. When you regularly take care of the cleanliness of your walls, you make sure your home looks phenomenal. Cleaning the walls will take much less time when you remove stains as soon as they are formed. In the end, you will be pleased with the look of the walls in your home.

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