Zak O'Donnell

30th May 2017

Excellent service! Easy booking, flexible schedule and perfectly cleaned house. They made everything possible to accommodate us even though we had to change our plans due to the building work. Definitely, recommend!

Toby Norton

22nd June 2017

Absolutely amazing service!!! The landlord is very happy, the deposit is taken successfully. Thank you for sending your team.

Madison Gray

7th July 2017

Great service! The house was left spotless and the deposit was taken without a problem.

Andrew Mayer

14th July 2017

Carpets and rugs were perfectly cleaned! Great job, thank you

Paula Rogers

23rd July 2017

We had a sofa that was for a while in а storage and needed a refreshment. It had a bad odour and some stains. After the cleaning, it looks just amazing and it so clean

Sara Morrison

30th July 2017

Spring clean the whole house is not an easy job, but these guys did a wonderful job in our house in Guildford!

Mark Jacobs

7th August 2017

Great service, our residence in Oxford was perfectly cleaned, full deposit is taken back!

Anna Summer

13th August 2017

After the renovation was done, our house was full of dust. Royal Cleaners did an amazing job and cleaned every nook of the house. Many thanks

Kate McDonald

19th August 2017

Carpets were perfectly cleaned. The carpet cleaner was a real professional, very polite and he has arrived on time.

Priscilla Varra

25th August 2017

Excellent cleaning service, the sofa and dining chairs look absolutely amazing! Will definitely use your services again

Danielle West

29th August 2017

Thank you for the great job done in our house in Reading. It was thoroughly cleaned and ready to be placed on the market!

Kyle Patel

4th September 2017

Great service, full deposit is taken

Sarah Phillips

10th September 2017

Excellent one off deep cleaning service in our house in Oxford

George Martin

17th September 2017

After the renovation was done the cleaning was inevitable. Thanks to the professionals from Royal Cleaners, the house spotless and dust free

Tilly Townsend

24th September 2017

All the stains from the sofa are gone and it looks fabulous

Jay Webster

30th September 2017

Easy booking, excellent service at an affordable price, thank you Royal Cleaners

Angel Gates

5th October 2017

Excellent job. Thanks very much!

Nick Townsend

12th October 2017

Amazing job! Will use your services again

Vinnie Bird

19th October 2017

Great job, carpets look absolutely amazing!

Tara Stock

23rd October 2017

Our ex-residence in Guildford looks perfectly clean after the deep cleaning. Thank so much

Sara Ahmed Aarani

29th October 2017

Brilliant service, highly appreciated

Harriet Barnett

4th November 2017

After the renovation of the house, we needed a very good clean. Thanks to Royal Cleaners, they did an amazing job!

Stewart Osmond

10th November 2017

Our cottage in Guildford looks absolutely fantastic after the deep cleaning. Thank you so much

Michelle Keene

16th November 2017

Great post builders cleaning service!

Joseph Lawton

23rd November 2017

Very high standard commercial cleaning

Carole Walker

29th November 2017

Great service, thanks a lot

Tanya Miller

3rd December 2017

We had the whole house refurbished, it was full of dust. These guys did miracles and cleaned our 5-bed house in Milton Keynes in one day.

Jake Morgan

8th December 2017

Thank you for your great service today

Sarah Jackson-Mill

15th December 2017

Very professional and quality post builders cleaning. Will definitely use your services again and book a sparkle clean

Matt Howe

19th December 2017

Thanks a lot for the clean on Friday in my flat in Stevenage, I was really impressed.

Ruby Smith

23rd December 2017

Great pre-Christmas cleaning, the house is sparkling. Thank you again

Lydia Simonelli

28th December 2017

We are vacating our flat in Kingston and Royal Cleaners were recommended to us from friends. They did a fantastic job

Jane Ryding

5th January 2018

Thanks for the perfect cleaning in our rented flat in Hemel Hempstead! Great job

Scott Stephens

13th January 2018

Thanks to Royal Cleaners we got our deposit back. They have also cleaned our new property in Reading.

Sarah Finnegan

18th January 2018

These guys did an amazing job in our new build house. It was full of dust and now is absolutely sparkle

Daniel Henry

23rd January 2018

Royal Cleaners cleaned up to perfection my father's house which was not in a very good state.

Emma Ray

30th January 2018

Easy booking, great service and amazing performance. Thank you, Royal Cleaners! Will use you again

Holly Simmons

6th Feb 2018

Thanks to Royal Cleaners I have managed to take my deposit and my ex-residence was left spotless.

Charles Blake

12th Feb 2018

Our new build in Reading was perfectly cleaned from Royal Cleaners. Thanks, great post builders service

Samantha Parker

19th Feb 2018

Royal Cleaners did an amazing job with the spring cleaning of our office in Guildford

Stewart Harper

25th Feb 2018

The after builders cleaning of my newly renovated house in Oxford was impressive. Thank you, again

Lucy Ware

1st Mar 2018

Fantastic job, thanks, Royal Cleaners

Madeline Stevens

7th Mar 2018

I am so thrilled about the way my house is cleaned. The team did an absolutely amazing spring clean at our place in Milton Keyens

Justine Taller

13th Mar 2018

Thanks to the team of Royal Cleaners our 4 seat sofa looks like new. They have also cleaned a small rug free of charge

John Harmond

25th Mar 2018

We had to organise the full house cleaning after the refurbishment for one of our clients in Reading at the last minute. Thanks to Royal Cleaners we had the whole property perfectly cleaned on time. Great service!

Juliette Hoskins

31st Mar 2018

Very friendly and efficient team did an amazing job.

Leela Sayed

9th Apr 2018

Royal Cleaners did a spring cleaning for our house in Reading and they did an amazing job. Absolutely outstanding

Michael Stone

15th Apr 2018

I would like to thank you one more time to you and your team as your guys provided me with 5 star service. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and neighbours

Shannon Lobel

Great post builders cleaning, our house in Guildford ishas been left dust free and perfectly cleaned. Royal Cleaners team also has cleaned our carpets and they have provided us with a discounted price.

Belinda Lesley- Moore

Fantastic service, team was on time; they were very polite and efficient. Will use your services again

Alexander Santos

Great post construction cleaning service.

Carla Simon-Grey

Immaculate service. Thank you for your thorough and proper job

Cathleen Martins

The spring cleaning of my house was outstanding- everything was cleaned and polished.

Prerna Suri

The cleaners were very good, very professional and did a great job. Will definitely recommend you guys to our friends.

Danielle Williams

House was left spotless, thank you so much Royal Cleaners!

Sara Harolds

Thanks to Royal Cleaners - they have perfectly cleaned our house in Guildford before we move in

Ryan Plank

Great job, everyone! Thank you for the amazing work done in our new house in Oxford

Amie Thomas-Park

Thank you for your thorough tenancy cleaning. The oven was not in very good state but now is sparkling clean.

Cathleen Merkel

We were so happy with the post builders cleaning done in our house in Godalming so we have booked also a sparkle clean and external window cleaning. The team did an amazing job both times!

Lauren Sun

Definitely recommend your services, George and his team did a great job

Daniel Perret

Thanks for cleaning our refurbished house, it is spotless!

Hannah Branson

Even though the property was not in a very good state when we moved in, the cleaning team did an amazing job and now is looking even better than before.

Alex Walker

Royal Cleaners,  you did a marvellous job. The house is sparkling clean

Linda Millard

Many thanks for the professional and efficient spring clean in our house in Reading!

Sonia Sanders

This is the 2nd time I am using Royal Cleaners to clean my properties and they have done an immaculate job again!

Martha Mullins

Your crew did a great job yesterday! Many thanks for your help

Sam Hughes

Our new build house in Reading was perfectly cleaned by Royal Cleaners! Thank you once again for your efficient work

Natasha Jones

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you very much for the wonderful service.
I know things weren't ideal with roommate moving out last minute but you and the team very fantastic.
I really can't praise you enough

Lucy Wilson

Tony and his team have cleaned our new house in Guildford before we have moved in. It really needed it a good clean and these guys did an amazing job

Amanda Reynolds

Many thanks for your efficient service- both the office staff and the cleaning team were great!

Sue Brown

What a hard-working team. Will certainly recommend you as I'm really happy with the work!

Sharon Van den Brink

I wanted to say how very, very pleased we were with the's absolutely fabulous 🥰
The team were courteous, hard-working and their attention to detail was excellent. Please do pass on our very grateful thanks to the team!
From our first conversation, right through today, our experience has been extremely good.
Thank you so much!

Marian Shepard

Thank you.  I am very pleased with the cleaning of the flat.  The men were lovely and worked very hard. I will definitely use you again.

Lisa Spencer

The house looked great!  Your customer service has been very good and the team did a splendid job

Flora Soveregn

Thank you so much - we just spoke to our letting agent and they said the clean was perfect. Thank you for the great service and customer care throughout the booking.

Guy Gold

Your team did a really good job!

Angela Marwin

Excellent job once again!
Thanks very much. You guys are just amazing