The 9 filthy items in the office that require daily cleaning

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The 9 filthy items in the office that require daily cleaning

Most of us try to keep our homes clean. However, we spend most of our time in the office, right. That’s why hygiene in the working place is very important. Research on the Hassle website has shown that computer mouse and keyboard are not the only dirty things in the office. And most probably surprisingly for many of you, the toilet seat is not among these areas too. In fact, there are so many other items and areas in the office that a full of germs and bacteria and we do not even realise it. Some of them are the water dispensers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, door handles reported by the Daily Mail.


Bacteria like the cool environment in the refrigerators. Only one square centimetre has 7850 colonies of organisms. It is, therefore, best to clean the refrigerators in the offices every two days.

Soap dispenser

The soap dispenser may also be contaminated with bacteria. With careful hand washing, this is not dangerous, but if we only rinse them gently, there is a risk of infection.

Water cooler

Water coolers are like a magnet for harmful bacteria. It is known that on an area of 6 square centimetres on their taps there are 2.7 million microorganisms.


Microwave ovens are widely used during working hours. On their surface, there is a combination of meat and vegetable particles that create a bacterial environment. Microorganisms multiply well in a warm and humid environment especially when food is present. Therefore, leaving the microwave oven walls contaminated may be dangerous for your and your colleagues’ health.


There are 10 million micro-organisms on the working desks – 400 times more than on the toilet seat. Therefore, they should be cleaned thoroughly every week with antibacterial wipes.


Just imagine if you work on a desk with the telephone in your hand every day, how many bacteria and germs are there too. In the end of your working day, you better wipe it off with a disinfecting detergent. The same applies to the headphones.

Computer mouse

The computer mouse is also an item full of bacteria -from sweat, food, dust. Sometimes there are 1676 microbes per 6 square centimetres, which is again more than on the toilet.

Copy machine

The printer and the copy machine are another breeding ground for bacteria in the office. They should be wiped off before each use.


Keyboards have more than 3295 bacteria at 6 square centimetres. They should also be sanitised and wiped every week.

Several reasons not to eat at the desk in the office

In the workplace, it is already so often smelling of food that, according to a British study, this reduces productivity, the Daily Mail reported. Two-thirds of people already eat at their desk most days of the week. Many do not consider the situation and bring oily fish, cheese and eggs for lunch. Some define this smelly food as “antisocial”.
According to the surveyed 1000 people, in the office worst is the smell of fish, followed by cheese and eggs. The most pleasant smell of toasted bread with butter, followed by pastries and a bacon sandwich.
Eating at the desk is not only annoying to others but it also affects the figure badly because it leads to gaining weight. According to psychologists from Surrey University, people are distracted and “forget” what they have eaten. So they stay hungry and soon eat again.

In conclusion, the office space is not hygienic at all. There are millions of bacteria on computer keyboards, desks and the work surface invisible to the human eye. For this reason, daily cleaning of the working space is necessary in order to avoid any health issues.

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